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Idduki Kerala City Travel Idduki Kerala Travel City Travel to Idduki Kerala hotels in Kerala
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Tea Plantation in Idduki
The name 'Idukki' is derived from the Malayalam word 'idukku', which means a narrow gorge. Idukki district was formed on January 26, 1972 carving out Devikulam, Peerumedu and Udumbanchola taluks from the erstwhile Kottayam district and Thodupuzha taluk from the erstwhile Ernakulam district. Situated in the southern part of Kerala.

Idukki is a landlocked district spread over an area of 5019 sq.kms. Blessed generously by Mother Nature, Idukki offers diverse attractions like wild life sanctuaries, hill stations, spice plantation centres and mountain treks uses, chiefly significant in the Coir industry.

Access :
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Air : The nearest airport is at Kochi 132 km away.

Rail : The nearest railway station is at Kottayam, 133 km away.

Road : Idukki can be reached by moterable roads from most parts of Kerala.

Places of Interest in Idduki :
Idukki valley : A small hill town surrounded by a spread of beautiful, wooden valleys and meandering streams. Located 121 km away from Kottayam, famed for its arched dam built across the Periyar River.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary : The most nature rich areas of Kerala are in Idukki. This sanctuary lies adjacent to the world renowned Idukki Arch Dam. Located at an altitude of 450-748 mt above sea level, this sanctuary occupies the forestland between the Cheruthoni River and the Periyar River. There is a scenic lake around the sanctuary, covered by an enchanting canopy of tropical evergreen and deciduous trees, and offers boat rides.

The wildlife found here is similar to that of Thekkady. Birds include jungle fowl, myna, laughing thrush, black bulbul, peafowl, woodpecker, kingfisher etc. Elephants, bisons, bear, wild boars, sambar wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, wild boar etc are seen here apart from various species of snakes including cobra, viper, kraits and numerous non-poisonous ones. The lake on the three sides of the sanctuary offers a panoramic view to the tourists.

Peermede : The famous plantation town takes its name from Peer Mohammed, Sufi saint and associate of the erstwhile royal family of Travancore. Peermede offers an unforgettable experience for the visitor as its wide vistas of tea, cardamom, rubber and coffee plantations interspersed with silver cascades, sculptural rocks, meadows and mist-cloaked hilltops make it an enchanting land. The most delightful trekking trails complement the panoramic landscape. Monuments like the summer palace and summer residence of the royal family add to the splendor of the land. The summer residence now converted into a government guesthouse under the Department of Tourism, offers comfortable accommodation.

Idukki Arch Dam : This is the world's second and Asia's first arch dam, constructed across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. 550 ft high and 650 ft wide, the dam lies close to the Cheruthoni Barrage. To its west is the Kulamavu Dam. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near by.

The Idukki Reservoir formed by three dams, namely, Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu extends to 33 sq.kms.

Thekkady : Located at distance of 65 km from Idukki. This bird sanctuary is a peninsular land of 25 sq. km formed between the branches of River Periyar. The rivers are rich in fish life and are shallow for most of the year. The avifauna includes both resting indigenous birds and water birds. The most notable of the birds are Malabar grey hornbill, grey jungle fowl, heron, egret, jungle myna, woodpecker, and rose winged and blue winged parakeet. Rare birds like Ceylon frogmouth, rose-billed roller etc. are also seen.

Munnar : It is at a distance of 70 km. from Idukki.1600 mt above sea level. Munnar is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. This hill station was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. Sprawling tea plantations, picture-book towns, winding lanes and holiday facilities make this a popular resort town.

Chinnar Wildlife SanctuaryAmong the exotic flora found in the forests and grasslands here is the Neelakurinji. This flower that bathes the hills in blue every twelve years, will bloom next in 2006 AD. Munnar also has the highest peak in South India, Anamudi, which towers over 2695 m. Anamudi is an ideal spot for trekking.

Moolamatton : Located at a distance of 40 km from Idukki. One can view the working of the Moolamatton hydroelectric station, as the Idukki Hydroelectric Project's underground powerhouse is located here.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary : Situated in the rain shadow area of the Western Ghats. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique thorny scrub forest with xerophyte species. Chinnar is the habitat of the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India.

Unlike other sanctuaries, Chinnar has only 48 rainy days in a year. Dry deciduous forests, high sholas and wet grasslands are also found here. As one travels from Karimuthi to Chinnar Elephants, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Hanuman monkey and even Peacocks can be seen on either sides of the road.

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In 1984 it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary and is spread over an area of 90,422 sq.kms. The undulated terrain with rocky patches adds to the scenic splendour of the sanctuary.

Observatory Hills : Beautiful hill situated at Nedumkandam. It's a perfect location for people who are interested in watching the heavenly bodies, as the sky here is clear.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls : Misty waterfall provides a picturesque view of the water, cascading down from scintillating heights. The sheer beauty of the place attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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